Brook Partners provides advisory services to domestic and international investors in relation to the positioning of commercial assets, both from an operational point of view to maximize cash flow and a strategic point of view in regard to the future monetization of assets, whether from an outright sale, recapitalization or refinancing.

The advisory team at Brook Partners has been involved in virtually every aspect of commercial real estate, including acquisition and disposition, financing, development, leasing, restructuring and property management. Our capabilities go beyond the traditional scope; we offer clients an added level of insight and service, and oversee details ranging from the architectural design of a building to its construction, management and leasing.

For more than 20 years, Brook Partners has been focused on acquiring and repositioning commercial assets. Our goal is to increase the value of these assets through a strategic combination of property management, redevelopment, targeted marketing and improved financial capabilities of the sponsor.

Brook Partners’ high-end environments have become distinguished properties on a national level. Projects include land development; office, retail and residential development; and bar, restaurant and movie theater development. Our architects focus on maintaining a boutique, high-quality feel for large-scale developments. We have a proven record for development and renovation projects leading to revitalized neighborhoods, successful lifestyle centers and downtown districts.